Building on the legacy of
, the City of Glasgow launches
, a new participatory art project aiming to give a voice to Glasgow's young people and raise awareness of our shared environmental priorities.

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Create an artwork inspired by one of Glasgow’s top 3 environmental priorities.Your artwork should show an idea for a campaign or a practical solution for Glasgow’s climate change challenges. Your creativity can help build a better future for your friends, your families, and the people of Glasgow.

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Glasgow Top 3

top 3
priorities in the fight against climate change

Working with Glasgow Education, 1800 young people voted for what they consider to be Glasgow's top three climate change priorities.


61% of Glasgow young people call for action against air pollution

55% (3,9 billion humans) of the world’s population live in cities. 92% of those people are breathing polluted air.

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55% of Glasgow young people call for action against water pollution

72% of the world is under water (oceans, seas, lakes and rivers). According to UNESCO, 12,700 kilos of pollutants are dumped into the seas every second.

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Earth becoming uninhabitable
32% of Glasgow young people call for action to rescue territories threatened with extinction

Only 28% of the earth is inhabited by human beings today. By 2050, global warming and the flooding it produces will mean only 19% of the world is habitable.

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How can your creativity raise awareness and help solve the problems of climate change?
We believe in the power of art to inspire change and make our voices heard. Watch the short film below and be inspired by Glaswegian artist Gabriella Marcella’s Waterworks, created with the help of young people and local volunteers in Anderston Station.
Click on the digital pack right here to get more information and tips on how to create your artwork. Then you'll be ready to join Create4Glasgow and create your artwork.

“ I hope the work brings a smile to people’s faces as they pass by, and encourages thoughts around water, and how we might rethink our relationship to it in our wonderful, and sometimes rainy city! ”
gabriella marcella
get inspired by

Glasgow artist Gabriella Marcella's waterworks

Waterworks by Glasgow based artist Gabriella Marcella, uses public street art to transform the entrance to Anderston Station, Glasgow, making the space more accessible for walkers and cyclists and creating a healthier, safer space for local communities to enjoy.
Marcella’s design is inspired by Glasgow’s water systems and the environmental challenges the city faces with excessive rain and water runoff. The site will also include the introduction of an experimental raingarden - an attractive, sustainable way to process excess water, provide additional biodiversity and bring a greater sense of community to the area.

get inspired by

Olafur Eliasson, Artist and UN Ambassador for Climate Change

In 2012 Olafur created a portable solar lamp, Little Sun, and launched a social business to help the poorest families in the world access safe, sustainable solar power and to enable their children to do their homework after dark. The aim is to replace fossil-fuel lighting in communities without electricity and to raise awareness of the need to expand sustainable energy access. So far 3.2 million lives have been impacted by the solar solutions of Little Sun. Little Sun has enabled 38 million hours of study time for school children after dark.

“ Engaging with art can make the world felt. And this felt feeling Spurs thinking, connection, and even action. ”
Olafur Eliasson
23 Glasgow Artists in Residence working with Create4Glasgow, see some of their work here.
William Lefevre
Rosalyne Mund
William Lefevre

Glasgow is Scotland’s largest city, with just over 600,000 citizens. Glasgow City Council is the largest of the 32 local authorities in Scotland.

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Glasgow Life is a charity working for the benefit of the people of Glasgow. We believe everyone deserves a great Glasgow life and we find innovative ways to make this happen across the city’s diverse communities.

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With the support of

Led by Michael R. Bloomberg, a global climate champion and Special Envoy to the UN Secretary-General, Bloomberg is tackling the climate crisis from every angle.Create4Glasgow builds on support by Bloomberg L.P for programmes which enable young people in Glasgow to harness the legacy of COP.

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